Earth Story is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and experience needed to care for our natural environment and develop an understanding of our local ecosystems. The resources below can help build a rich understanding of these topics into the minds of our future generations.


D’harawal Dreaming Stories
An amazing resource of stories from the D’harawal nation, on the south side of the Sydney Harbour. It also includes a comprehensive D’harawal Dictionary.

Living Knowledge Place 
An incredible collection of videos presenting traditional knowledge from all over Australia.

Bruce Pascoe: Aboriginal Agriculture, Technology and Ingenuity 
Produced by ABC Education. Bruce Pascoe’s insights into the life, history and culture of Australia’s First Nations People.

Koori Country Firesticks Aboriginal Corporation 
The leading cultural burning fire practitioners in New South Wales.

Australia’s premiere cultural burning fire practitioner’s organisation. Also responsible for the creation of The Living Knowledge Place.

Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation
The Australian alliance of indigenous cultural burning fire practitioners.


D’harawal: Climate and Natural Resources – compiled by Frances Bodkin, illustrated by Lorraine Robertson
This book explores the various cycles of change/seasons, that occur throughout D’harawal land, and explains how the people adjusted to these changes.

D’harawal: Dreaming Stories – compiled by Frances Bodkin, illustrated by Lorraine Robertson
A collection of traditional Dreaming stories that transmit D’harawal Lore, and are linked to certain areas of the D’harawal Nation.

Dark Emu: Aboriginal Australia and the Birth of Agriculture – by Bruce Pascoe
Provides very compelling evidence concluding Australia’s First Nations People were not hunter-gatherers, but had extensive and complicated agricultural, economic and cultural systems.

Fire Country – by Victor Steffensen
Describes Aboriginal Cultural Burning and the resurgence of this vital and ancient land management technique.

Repossession of Our Spirit: Traditional Owners of Northern Sydney – by Dennis Foley
Explores the Land bordered by the Hawkesbury River to the north, Lane Cove River to the west, Port Jackson to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the east, in the eyes of its original occupants, the Gai’mariagal.

The Biggest Estate on Earth – Bill Gammage
Reveals the complex, country-wide systems of sustainable land management used by Australian Aboriginal people pre-colonisation. 

Iridescence: Finding Your Colours and Living Your Story – by Paul Callaghan, with Paul Gordon
Provides models, insights and exercises on achieving improved wellbeing through traditional Aboriginal culture, philosophy and spirituality.

Field Guide to the Native Plants of Sydney – by Les Robinson 
An invaluable field guide that assists with identifying all the plants species in the Sydney area.

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© Photo by Betina Kellermann