Our organisation

Earth Story is a social enterprise focusing on environmental education, sharing knowledge about our local natural environment and the sustainable ways to maintain it. 

We have collected information from extensive observation of the natural world, on-going interaction and learning with Australia’s First Nation’s People, and current scientific knowledge, to develop programs that encourage a passionate caring for our natural environment and an intimate understanding of our local ecosystems.

Knowledge is shared through various workshops and activities provided for school children and local communities.

Our purpose

Much of the traditional culture of this land is centred around ‘Caring for Country’. Australia’s current cultural tendencies seem to have moved away from this focus.

Earth Story’s purpose is to shift our present culture back to one that includes a passionate caring for our natural environment and an intimate understanding of our local ecosystems.

© Photo by Betina Kellermann


At Earth Story, we acknowledge the Land, it’s Spirit and the ecological systems in which we thrive. We acknowledge the past Elders, who dedicated their lives to caring for the Land that supports and nourishes us today. We acknowledge the living Elders, who share the stories and knowledge of their ancestors to help us better understand and care for this Land. And, we acknowledge the future Elders, who learn with passion and obligation for the future of this Land and its culture. 

As well as acknowledging the Land, the Old People and the Elders, Earth Story would like to thank its generous supporters and helpers, who have very often, provided their services and expertise for free.

Here is a list of these people we whole-heartedly thank, and are indebted to. If you would like to get in contact with any of these people, please let us know, so we can put you in touch.

Auntie Frances Bodkin for her passion and dedication to learning, researching and documenting the absolute abundance of knowledge she has accumulated over her life, and her tireless drive to share it with the world.

Betina Kellerman has provided many beautiful photos of local plants and animals, that have been used on our website.

Brian Walters has shared many stunning photos of local flowering plants.

Shaun Phillipa has provided Murnong (Daisy Yam – Microseris lancolata) seeds to be planted at schools in Sydney.

Susanna Matters has provided her experience and expertise regarding curriculum and the incursion process.

Aisha Noor has contributed her experience and expertise by creating and maintaining this website, and coordinating our social media presence.